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I am deeply committed to driving positive change in Grenada as an advocate. My mission is to champion the causes that matter most to our community, including the urgent need for legalization. Together, we can work towards a brighter future where all Grenadians have access to the benefits of legalized cannabis. It’s an honor to serve in this capacity, and I am dedicated to leading the charge for meaningful reform and progress.

Healthcare Advancements

Legalization opens doors to alternative medicine and treatments, potentially offering relief for various health conditions. Your support will pave the way for research, education, and access to cannabis-based therapies, promoting overall wellness for our community.

Jobs and Business Opportunities

By legalizing cannabis, we can create new job opportunities, foster entrepreneurship, and stimulate economic growth. Your support will fuel initiatives to establish a regulated cannabis industry, empowering individuals and businesses to thrive in this emerging sector.

Economic Revitalization

By regulating and taxing the cannabis industry, we can generate revenue to invest in critical infrastructure, education, and social programs. Your contribution will help build a more resilient and prosperous future for all Grenadians, driving sustainable economic development.

Empowering Our People

Legalization promotes social equity, reduces stigma, and fosters inclusivity in our society. Your advocacy will contribute to a more just and compassionate Grenada, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and participate in the benefits of cannabis legalization.

Grenada’s Economic Potential

From tax revenue to job creation, cannabis legalization has the potential to transform our economy. Explore the numbers and envision the economic prosperity that awaits Grenada.

$4M /yr

Tax Revenue Generation


Reduction in Illegal Sales

500 Jobs /yr

Job Creation and Business Opportunities

Positive GDP growth

Overall Economic Impact

Bevon Findley Teaching Hemp Class
Bevon Findley Handling Plants
Bevon Findley Teaching Live
CWI Cannabis Workforce Initiative
Harlem Business Alliance
Care Academy

Support us and change the course of Grenada today!

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