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Healthcare Reform

Advocate for improved access to healthcare services, mental health support, and alternative treatment options, including cannabis, to enhance overall well-being in Grenada.

Economic Development

Promote job creation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable economic growth initiatives to uplift communities and bolster the economy of Grenada.

Education Enhancement

Champion initiatives to enhance educational opportunities, vocational training, and skill development programs to empower individuals and drive long-term prosperity in Grenada

Environmental Sustainability

Lead efforts to preserve Grenada’s natural beauty, protect biodiversity, and combat climate change through sustainable practices and environmental conservation initiatives.

Social Equity

Advocate for social justice, equality, and inclusivity to ensure fair opportunities and rights for all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance, in Grenada.

Agricultural Innovation

Support innovative agricultural practices, including cannabis cultivation, to promote food security, economic diversification, and sustainable farming methods in Grenada.

What I Care About

Bevon Findley Handling Plants

Health and Well-being Advocacy

Dedicated to promoting access to quality healthcare, mental health support, and holistic wellness solutions for all individuals in Grenada, ensuring a healthier and happier community.

Economic Empowerment Initiatives

Committed to driving economic growth, job creation, and entrepreneurship opportunities to empower individuals and strengthen the economy of Grenada, fostering prosperity for future generations.

Bevon Findley Teaching Budtender Class - Vertical
Bevon Findley Teaching Hemp Class

Environmental Stewardship Efforts

Passionate about preserving Grenada’s natural environment, advocating for sustainable practices, and combating climate change to protect the planet for present and future generations.


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