About Bevon Findley

Who is Bevon Findley?

I am a change-maker who believes that every helping hand can shape a brighter future for generations to come.

Bevon Findley is a dedicated educator and Headmaster at Care Academy in Grenada. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree and a passion for cannabis education, Bevon is on a mission to equip students with the essential tools and knowledge required to thrive in the industry. As one of the founding members of Care Academy, Bevon brings over 25 years of experience in curriculum development and leadership to the institution.

His illustrious career includes collaborations with prestigious organizations such as the Harlem Business Alliance and The New York State Cannabis Workforce Initiative, where he played a pivotal role in shaping workforce development strategies. With a steadfast commitment to education and advocacy, Bevon continues to drive positive change in cannabis education and workforce development initiatives.

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My approach

My Mission
To leverage my expertise and position to spearhead initiatives that promote mental and behavioral health, advance pain management solutions, and explore the medicinal potential of cannabis for addressing various medical conditions.

Additionally, I aim to establish Grenada as a leading hub for cannabis agriculture, fostering economic growth and prosperity for the nation.

My Vision
To envision and realize a future for Grenada that is characterized by enhanced health and prosperity, driven by our commitment to advocating for the responsible integration of cannabis in healthcare practices.

My vision extends beyond mere economic prosperity; I aim to champion policies that prioritize community well-being, fostering a society where every individual has access to the resources and opportunities needed for holistic growth and advancement.

CWI Cannabis Workforce Initiative
Harlem Business Alliance
Care Academy

Grenada’s Economic Potential

From tax revenue to job creation, cannabis legalization has the potential to transform our economy. Explore the numbers and envision the economic prosperity that awaits Grenada.

$4M+ /yr

Tax Revenue Generation


Reduction in Illegal Sales

500+ Jobs /yr

Job Creation and Business Opportunities

Positive GDP growth

Overall Economic Impact


Support us and change the course of Grenada today!

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